Find Ialna Boutique Hotel

Our hotel is located inside the famous castle town of Ioannina, next to Pamvotis lake, in an exquisite and fully renovated building. Park your car in one of the free of charge parking spots outside the castle and enjoy all of the city's landmarks by foot.

Visit our hotel and get to know the castle of Ioannina,where you can wander for days inside its robust walls while wherever anyone lays their eyes upon, they can always find an impressive landmark: The Jewish Synagogue, the "Good Pasha" Manor, the "Soufari Sarai" (Turkish Cavalry Men Hall)(18th century.), turkish hammams any many more.

Access to Ialna Boutique Hotel

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The hotel is located 100m away from the main entrance of the castle, on Averof Street. You can drive through the castle from this gate and stop in front of the hotel for a while in order to leave your luggage.

Corcerning your car parking, you can street park for free outside the castle walls or, a few meters away from the hotel. Furthermore, if you wish, there is a choice of parking inside the castle using a parking card, which can be given from the hotel.